Import manual

Hint! The simplest way to prepare data file for import is to export configuration from an existing cutting plan and then edit it in Microsoft Excel®.


optiCutter provides powerful data import/export features. Data can be loaded into the application using plain text CSV (*.csv) files or from Microsoft Excel® sheet files (*.xls, *.xlsx). Usually, similar applications have to load stocks data and parts/panels from two different files which is uncomfortable. optiCutter uses more sophisticated data import process and can load all data (not only stocks or parts) from a single file.

Data format description

One of the most important part of our CSV a Microsoft Excel® sheet file format is the first column, called Key column. Value in this column identifies, what type of data are stored in corresponding row and its cells. Key column is marked red on the following image. As you can see, data file looks very similar as our input forms for linear and sheet cutting plans.

import example
Key Description Example
N next cell contains cutting plan Name My Testing Plan
M next cell contains Material description Plywood 25mm
S linear cutting plans only: next 2 cells contain linear Stock data (length, quantity)
sheet cutting plans only: next 3 cells contain sheet Stock data (length, width, quantity)

Note: 'quantity' cell can be empty, similarly as in form-based user interface.
2000, 1000, 3
K next cell contains Kerf thickness 1.5
P linear cutting plans only: next 3 cells contain linear Parts data (length, quantity, label)
sheet cutting plans only: next 5 cells contain sheet Panel data (length, width, quantity, label, can turn)

Note: 'label' and 'can turn' cells can be empty, similarly as in form-based user interface.
950, 1000, 6, Part A, y
@ (at sign) identifies row with comments. You can use this rows for any comments or hints, for example: column names for the next rows. Data file may contain multiple comment rows (with the @ in the key column) and all are ignored during import process. Length, Width, Quantity

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