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Generate highly optimized linear material cutting plans online.

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Online length cutting optimization tool

optiCutter is an online software solution for linear (1D) cutting optimization. No matter what type of material you need to cut, optiCutter will always find the best possible solution using the best suitable optimization algorithm.

Ease of use
Suitable for small and mid-size manufacturing companies. Just type the kerf, material lengths and quantities and optiCutter will do the rest.
Best in class online length cutting software
Solver engine use multiple length optimization algorithms so the final cutting plans contains minimum waste and maximal material yield. We save you material money.
Printable PDF reports
optiCutter provides printing and reporting features. You can print all your cutting plans using your printer or download cutting plans as PDF file for later printing or archiving.
Online power of the cloud
optiCutter runs online on high performance servers in the cloud with great calculation power so you got the results very quickly.
No instalation required
No matter what type of device or operating system you are using, you do not have to install any software, optiCutter is device and OS independent.
Always up-to-date
You are not stuck with obsolete downloaded application. optiCutter runs online and is regularly updated so you do not have to pay for future upgrades or install new update packages again and again.
User friendly interface
Everything on one place. All your linear cutting plans are clearly displayed in table.
Material parameters and solution
Material parameters are also available with solution information like number of used stocks or layout patterns.
Delete unused plans
If you do not need some of your previously created cutting plans, simply delete them using "Delete selected plans" button.
Make your length cutting plan in couple of seconds
Do not calculate your cutting layouts and material waste manually with calculator.
"Solve" button is the king
optiCutter will find suitable solution for your cuts using the most advances optimization algorithms.
Do not care about units
We do not need to know if the length is in Metric or Imperial units, enter material length in units you normally use.
All results on single page
The results from optimization algorithm are displayed on well-arranged single page. Say "good bye" to heavy-footed app.
Layout patterns with complete information
Layout patterns contains all needed cuts with repetitions and contains all information required for cutting material with minimal waste.
Print or export cutting plan in one click
Every linear cutting optimization plan can be printed or exported as PDF file for later processing or archiving.
Runs on any device
optiCutter's user interface is optimized for many major devices, including desktop, tablet or phone.
Support for multiple languages
If English is not your preferred language, you can choose from other 7 languages including Czech , French , German , Italian , Portuguese , Slovak or Spanish .
And much more....
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Pricing Plans

optiCutter runs as BETA now, the registration is FREE of charge.

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