Free linear cut list calculator

Try our 1D cutting optimizer to find how to cut linear material like bars, pipes, tubes or beams with minimal material waste. Just specify material length, cutting kerf (if needed) and enter required parts lengths and quantities. Then click on the "Solve" button. Our linear cut list optimizer will find the best possible solution. Complete solution result can be printed or downloaded as PDF file.

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About linear cutting list calculator

This online linear cut calculator is designed to solve problems of cutting stock material as beams, bars, paper rolls or pipes into pieces of specified lengths with minimal material waste, named as cutting stock problem. In generally, it's kind of length optimization software, in other words, it's 1D nesting optimizer or linear cut calculator.

For simple problems, finding optimal solution is not a big deal, but when you need to cut material to bigger number of parts or you demand more parts with different lengths, things are going to be more complicated. Basic and the most common length optimization algorithms, like "First Fit" or "Best Fit", are not a good choice. Heuristics and evolutionary algorithms are much better choice for complex problems. Here begins the strength of our linear cut optimizer.

The engine of our linear cut list calculator executes multiple 1D nesting algorithms for every problem you entered and try to find the best possible cutting layout or optimal cutting layout, if this optimal solution is possible to find in real time. Finding the best solution is both our passion and hobby so we are constantly improving our solver engine to be the best online length cutting optimization software.

For hobbyists, tradesmen, small companies or for every personal or commercial entity, who do not require to solve complex length cutting optimization problems (when our Free plan is sufficient), we provides our 1D cutting optimizer online and completely FREE OF CHARGE.