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Powerful cutlist optimizer designed to find optimal cut layouts. Type the sheet length and width, cutting kerf and required panel sizes and quantities. Cutlist optimizer will generate optimal panel nesting plan in couple of seconds.

Available stock panels
Note: Stock panels quantity is not required if you have many panels of these dimensions.
Required panels

About this cut list optimizer

This online cut list optimizer is kind of cutting optimization software specialized for cutting rectangular material like wood, glass or sheet metal. Easy to use plywood cut calculator.

In industry, 2D cutting stock problem is one of the most important tasks how to cut sheet material with maximal material yield and minimal waste. This cut list calculator will help you with this issue in real time with couple of clicks. Because cutting stock problem is a subclass of NP-hard problems, it is very time consuming to find optimal solution for complex tasks but also for fairly simple tasks. Heuristics and evolutionary algorithms are much better choice for complex problems. Our cut sheet calculator use these powerful methods so the final solution is really close to optimal solution or is optimal solution.

For hobbyists, tradesmen, small companies or for every personal or commercial entity, who do not require to solve complex sheet cutting optimization problems (when our Free plan is sufficient), we provides our cut optimizer completely FREE OF CHARGE.


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